Celebrating Earth Day's 47th Anniversary, BACPS Spring Meeting hosts a panel dedicated to the conservation of carnivorous plants and their precious habitats.

Come join us from 12p-4p on Saturday, April 22, at the Lakeside Park Garden Center in Oakland's beautiful Lake Merritt district. Our Spring Quarterly meeting will have some great speakers, carnivorous plants, and the fabulous people behind them all. Bring a plant or two for show and tell. Bring a couple more for sale or trade.

Mike Wilder of California Carnivores will discuss his experiences maintaining Bob Hanrahan's Carnivorous Plantation, with an emphasis on the management challenges facing rapidly dwindling Sarracenia habitats. The US Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA report that over 250,000 acres of Gulf Coast wetlands were lost between 2004 and 2009 alone. The primary task for Sarracenia conservation is the long term preservation and maintenance of suitable habitat.

Devon Peterson of Predatory Plants will present "Ethical Collections: Understanding the Nepenthes Supply Chain and Avoiding Poached Plants." The presentation will investigate the origins of Nepenthes currently in cultivation, red flags to look for when buying plants, and an overview of the legal and ethical issues in collecting rare plants. 

2017 BACPS Annual Show & Sale!

The greatest show on Earth happens Saturday, June 3, at the Lakeside Park Garden Center in Oakland's beautiful Lake Merritt district for our annual Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale! Admission free and open to the public, this is the club's largest hosted event of the year.

This year, we are expanding the event's programming to include how-to demos, workshops and more! All of the best carnivorous plant growers and vendors, with 100's of plants for sale! Prune, primp and pot-up your favorite beauties and enter them into the show!

Get involved by volunteering, and get a cool t-shirt. Want to help spread the word? Download the poster and share! Vendors? Educators? Trophy plants? Learn more details about the show here.