2017 BACPS Annual Show & Sale!

The greatest show on Earth happens from 12-6pm Saturday, June 3, at the Lakeside Park Garden Center in Oakland's beautiful Lake Merritt district for our annual Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale! Admission is FREE and open to the public! This is the club's largest hosted event of the year!

We are expanding our programming to include how-to demos, workshops and more! All of the best carnivorous plant growers and vendors, with 100's of plants for sale! Prune, primp and pot-up your favorite beauties and enter them into the show! A carnivorous plant raffle and a rare plant auction! Food truck for hungry carnivorous plant peeps provided by Kenny's Heart & Soul!

Get involved with the event by volunteering, and get a cool t-shirt. Want to help spread the word? Download the flyer and share! Vendors? Educators? Trophy plants? Scroll down to learn more details about the show and sale.


Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale Event Information

Lakeside Park Garden Center, Oakland, CA

12-6PM Saturday, June 3, 2017



Anyone wishing to sell plants must register in advance by contacting Tom Papp at Please include your full name, name of business, if applicable, description of what you're selling, telephone number, and the number of six (6') foot tables you require. The fee for professional growers is $80.00 per table. Dues paying members who's annual income from plant sales are less than $5,000.00 will be charged $40.00 per table. Table fees (and membership dues if applicable) must be paid before the end of the show. Vendor registration and set-up runs from 9AM-12N. Please check in with Tom Papp to find out which table(s) are yours.


The show is open to all members wishing to display carnivorous plants. Not a member yet? Well come on down to the welcome table and become a member day of the event! We encourage members to display as many plants as they wish. If you would prefer not to enter into the competition and just want to show them off, you can display them in the designated area for non-competitive plants.

Please arrive with your plants ready for display at 9AM because the show room door will close for judging at 10:30AM SHARP! Instructions for show plants and entry forms can be downloaded here.


VOLUNteer Information

Sign up! We need volunteers. Volunteers are the fabric that holds a great show and sale together! And speaking of fabric, volunteers get a cool t-shirt with the new BACPS logo! We have many opportunities for helping out and it's a great way to engage, connect and have fun! Please contact Doris Quick at if you would like to help out before, during or after the show, and to give her your t-shirt size!

educator information

There will be hourly programming throughout the day! Tips on how to keep carnivorous plants around the home as cool houseplants! Kids will learn with laughter during the carnivorous quiz show! Got something munching up your favorite Cephalotus? Come to the plant doctor demo to learn how to cure an ailing botanical carnivore! Are you a green-thumbed educator and want to help with the programming, contact Anne Smith at

cephalotus presentation bacps_040216.jpg

Once upon a time...

The Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society (BACPS) started out back in 1988 as an informal get-together between friends and enthusiasts of carnivorous plants. Chuck Powell, Peter D'Amato, Joe Mazrimas and Judith Finn held meetings in their homes, California Carnivores, and at UC Botanical Garden. By 1992, Wayland Lee created the first BACPS logo, Geoff Wong drafted the first newsletter, BACPS held it's first formal meeting, the first by-laws were created, and a schedule was established to hold four seasonal meetings annually.

Later that same year and with 60 members in attendance, the board was created and Carl Wong was elected the first President, with Chuck Powell as Vice-President, Larry Logoteta as Secretary, and Joe Mazrimas as Treasurer. And in 1998, Peter D'Amato wrote the quintessential carnivorous plant grower's guide, The Savage Garden, which to this day, inspires the many luminaries who have and will eventually cultivate, research, explore, and document some of the most fascinating members of the plant kingdom.

Today, BACPS continues to grow and host the largest show and sale dedicated to carnivorous plants. Along with our dedicated membership, BACPS is presided over by our current Board of Officers: Josh Brown (President), Brian Lipinski (VP), Anne Smith (Secretary), and Joe Mazrimas (Treasurer). Please feel free to drop in to our quarterly meetings held each season. Bring your enthusiasm and come away inspired, informed, and maybe with some killer plants in tow!

Many very significant members, not mentioned here, have made this a very successful organization. We hope more members will step in to invigorate our meetings by displaying their plants and bringing in new ideas.
— Judith Finn, BACPS Winter Meeting, January 2012




1. the state of being a member, as of a society or club, e.g., i.e., The Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society is a membership organization.

Although our meetings are open to the public, membership has many benefits including access to the club sales table and discounted hobby-growers tables at the annual Carnivorous Plant Show & Sale. Membership allows you to vote during elections and have access to any of the rich literature (yes, REAL books) in our library. Standing membership dues are $12 annually, prorated from January and payable at any of the four meetings. If you just want to sign up for our newsletters, that's free, just subscribe below! 


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