Here are a few links to other sites that might be of interest.

International Carnivorous Plant Society An international organization dedicated to carnivorous plants. They publish a quality journal.
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Barry Meyers-Rice maintains this extraordinary introduction to carnivorous plants.
UC Botanical Garden The UC Botanical Garden graciously allows us to meet in their facilities.
Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society In Australia! Lots of useful information on identification and growing of carnivores.
New England Carnivorous Plant Society A very active society on the east coast.
Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society A society in Southern California meeting in Alhambra and also at the Huntington.
Colorado Carnivorous Plant Society Jeremiah Harris' Page for enthusiasts in Colorado.
Upper Midwest Carnivorous Plant Society (UMCPS) A newer society based in Minnesota.

The Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society Homepage is maintained by Albert Huntington.